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Always on the forefront of technology, Durrie Vision is proud to reveal the latest in laser technology that is changing how traditional lens and cataract surgery is performed. Durrie Vision is the only practice in the Midwest to offer this advanced technology.

This new laser technology automates the most challenging steps of traditional lens and cataract surgery. "Finally, we are able to perform refractive lens surgery with the same laser technology that revolutionized LASIK and made it a safer more accurate procedure" states Dr. Jason Stahl, a refractive surgeon at Durrie Vision specializing in laser vision correction and refractive lens procedures.

Dr. Brinton who is also a refractive surgeon specializing in refractive lens procedures points out that "this technology has increased the accuracy, safety and precision of traditional lens surgery by taking the blade out of the surgeon's hand and replacing it with a femtosecond laser". Better still, we can perform this procedure on patients who are just beginning to see the first signs of age related lens changes in their forties and fifties.
Dr. Brinton's Info
Dr. Brinton explains "We are now able to replace their lenses and give them high quality near, intermediate and far vision earlier in life. Our patients are able to maintain their active lifestyle not missing a beat and they will never have to worry about the formation of cataracts."

To find out more on this new technology please contact Durrie Vision at 913-491-3330 or visit us at www.durrievision.com.

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To Dr. Jason Stahl:
Wow! I can see again… Vision is something we all take for granted, but when things became blurry and difficult to see up close...
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Mary Riedesel, Lenexa, KS

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To Dr. Jason Stahl:
Wow! I can see again... Vision is something we all take for granted, but when things became blurry and difficult to see up close, I knew I needed my eyes fixed and I wanted only the" best of the best" to take care of me. At my initial exam the testing revealed I had cataracts. No way was I old enough to have cataracts, but I found out quickly they have 'no age limit or time line'. I made the decision to undergo laser lens surgery to correct my vision. I was surprised that there was absolutely "NO PAIN", discomfort, or down time, and now it's unbelievable how well I can see again! The best way to describe it is like taking off smudged sunglasses, one lens at a time. Everything is crisp, bright and clear again, thanks to your expertise, Dr. Stahl! My sincere thanks to you and your staff at Durrie Vision.
Mary Riedesel, Lenexa, KS

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